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  Lithuania and Poland
Polish Kingdom
Sale of coins

In section "Sale" we expose coins of the collectors, who have gave the announcements and have accepted our conditions of placing free of charge.

All coins have passed expert check on authenticity and we extend our guarantee on them, i.e. we guarantee return of the sold subject within a year after sale in following cases:

  • if the image and the original are different subjects;
  • if the subject is not original (fake);
  • if the subject description mismatches true (wrongly or nonexistent signs of a rarity are intentionally specified).

Also we guarantee full confidentiality of the buyer and the seller.

Because the geography of the visitors of our site is extensive enough, the prices are specified in standard units, i.e. US dollars. At calculations use recalculation on national currency according to the official rate.

If you have not found among the exposed collection material something necessary to you - make the order to us and we will try to execute it.

Contact us:

Lithuania and Poland. ВКЛ. Александр Ягеллончик
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Полугрош б.г.

Серебро 1,01 g.

Коп. №3126, Ivanauskas 2AJ22-8, Гулецкий/Петрунин №4050JA, VII группа редкости. Aв, Рв - ренессансная легенда. Коллекционное состояние.
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Полугрош б.г.

Серебро 1,06 g.

Коп. №3126, Ivanauskas-2013 2AJ22-8, Гулецкий №200/TA, VIII группа редкости. Aв, Рв - ренессансная легенда.
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